About Musilogue

Musilogue is a new music project started by Ryota Nozaki(Jazztronik) who is the center of the project.

The original purpose of Musilogue is to provide music to people who need it for their creative projects. All of our music is made by musicians who are active in many music scenes.At the moment 60 musicians are already involved in Musilogue.

Music is a necessary element for making TV programs,movies,advertisements etc.Music is an essential component of every creation.But we don’t think that it’s easy for you to find the music you need for your creation.

We often hear it’s difficult to tell musicians exactly what image you need.We think if we could prepare music in advance it would be helpful for all creators.First you check music on the Musilogue website and if you find something suitable then you can use it straight away.This is the system of Musilogue.

On the other hand Musilogue has another important purpose.We believe professional musicians are artisans .We can create new kinds of high quality music through our collaboration.To record this music and to introduce a new style of working for musicians is also Musilogue’s biggest theme.

Today Musilogue has two other plans in addition to its original purpose. One is a live project called “Musilogue Music Showcase”, which started from this June.

The other is a music education project led by the musicians who participate in Musilogue.There are already many music schools all around us. However, Musilogue aims to provide a unique learning experience based at actual recording studios and live music venues.

It's still early days, but Musilogue is starting to move forward.

Musilogue blog

Musilogue(ムジログ)とは、野崎良太(Jazztronik)が中心となりスタートした新しい音楽カルチャープロジェクトです。ここではMusilogueの活動や情報を発信していきます。Musilogue is a new music project stared by Ryota Nozaki(Jazztronik) who is the centre of the project.


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